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Bandage Wrapping Technique
Jul 06, 2017

1. The casualty position should be appropriate.

2. The limb is put on position, so that the patient can keep the limb comfortable during the bandaging process and reduce the patient's pain.

3. The limb bandaging must be in functional position.

4. The person in the bag usually stands in front of the patient in order to observe the patient's facial expression.

5. Generally should be from inside out, and from the far heart to the torso to bind, the bandage begins, must make two annular bandaging, to fix the bandage.

6. When dressing to master the bandage roll, avoid falling, bandage roll and must be flat affixed to the dressing area.

7. The pressure of each week should be equal, and not too light, so as not to fall off, nor too tight, in order to avoid a circular barrier.

8. In addition to acute bleeding, open wounds or fracture patients, the bandage must be cleaned before the local dry.

9. Rings, Kim King and watch necklaces are equal to the dressing before removal.

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