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Common types of medical dressings
Jul 06, 2017

1. Medical Infusion Bottle Paste

Medical infusion bottle mouth affixed by plastic film, absorbent pad, paper, gaskets, mainly for the opening of the vein infusion bottle, to prevent the infusion bottle pollution, applicable departments: Infusion room and other departments.

2. Neonatal umbilical cord ligation protective tape

Neonatal umbilical cord ligation protection belt consists of protective belt, umbilical cord (including valve core), umbilical cord, gauze block, adhesive buckle, cotton swab, product components, size and number of pieces can be produced according to contract, applicable to the medical unit baby delivery, the applicable departments: Obstetrics and Gynecology.

3. Medical surgical gauze dressing

The gauze dressing of medical surgical gauze is folded and made by YY0331 standard. Products are divided into aseptic and non-sterile two species, can contain x-ray detection components, medical dressings, applicable to medical operations, bandaging, and so on, applicable departments: all department Specifications model: Gauze, gauze block, abdominal towel, gauze swab (roll or ball).

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