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Standard for use of adhesive tapes for medical use
Jul 06, 2017

1. Medical adhesive tape must be able to adapt to the corresponding sterilization methods, different sterilization methods for product performance is different, the selection of products suitable for sterilization of materials is an important part of product design.

2. Medical adhesive tape is not enough viscous, but also a major standard for medical tape. Medical tape should be securely pasted on the material surface when the medical tape is required to paste the material and the skin (for example, when used for a surgical towel).

3. Medical tape In addition to viscous enough, but also to consider the suitability of the skin viscosity, since most medical tapes need to be pasted, they should have a proper, rather than stronger, stickiness, 3M Clinical Research Department, to assess the strength and applicability of medical tapes to skin stickiness by testing the peel intensity of medical tapes on the skin.

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