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The first aid to sprain
Jul 06, 2017

When the ligaments around the joint are stretched too badly, beyond what they can withstand, a sprain occurs and the sprain is usually accompanied by bruising and edema.

First Aid: Within 24 hours of the sprain, try to compress every one hours with an ice pack, half an hour each time. Medical Ice Pad: physical antipyretic, cold compress physiotherapy. Wrap the wound with an elastic compress bandage and place the injured part up. 24 hours later, began to replace the affected areas with hot compress, to promote the blood flow of the injured area.

Absolute prohibition: Can not be free to move the injured joint, otherwise easy to cause ligament tearing, recovery is relatively difficult.

Bright alert: If after several days of self treatment and rest, the affected places are still painful and difficult to move, then it may be fracture, muscle tension or ligament rupture, need to go to the hospital immediately.

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