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Use of adhesive tape for medical purposes
Jul 06, 2017

The proportion of adhesive tape has strict requirements, in the operation of this tape is mainly used in the material fixed, wound treatment, infusion needle fixed, this requires that it must have a high degree of adhesion, this kind of adhesive tape in the process of dressing up a fixed drug and the role of fixed wounds. The bandage can effectively prevent the wound from tearing and forming two times damage, but for the friends who are allergic to the adhesive tape, the proportion of adhesive tapes is not directly applicable to the skin surface.

(1) Scissors cut with the width of the nose with the same tape

(2) Paste the shearing tape crosswise on the nose

(3) Cut off the tape from the eyebrows to the length of the nose.

(4) The adhesive tape from the eyebrows to the nose longitudinal paste (note: The nose to be able to be lifted by the tape)

(5) every night before going to bed adhesive tape, wake up after the removal can (note: lying in the sleeping position of the best)

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