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Autumn Healthy Life Little Common Sense
Jul 06, 2017

Autumn healthy Life Small common sense: Autumn protects the eye to eat the citrus fruit more

Citrus is the largest market in autumn, is also one of the most favorite fruit, it is not only sour sweet and delicious, nutritious, but also has a high medicinal value.

Modern medical research believes that the autumn into the eye should eat more citrus fruits, lutein belongs to "carotenoids", it in the autumn season citrus fruit and fresh green vegetables content is higher, according to the eye experts study, lutein on the retina of the "macular" has an important protective role, if the lack of the marigold, it is easy to cause macular degeneration and blurred vision, in view of this, nutritionists suggest that autumn should eat more citrus fruits every day, to prevent visual degeneration.