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Development Process Of Medical Dressings Industry In China
Jul 06, 2017

The medical dressings industry of our country has undergone 4 stages:

The first stage began in the middle of the 80 's, when the industrial supply of products are relatively single, mainly raw material gauze;

The second stage is the 90 's, the enterprise began to purchase a large number of raw materials for deep-processing, and then shipped to Europe, North America and other regions packaging, at this stage, the supply of raw materials and enterprises are diversified development, industry gradually grow and develop;

The third phase began in early 21st century, with industrial development to deep processing and packaging production, in which the industry enjoyed China's market dividend and demographic dividend. Many enterprises began to transform and upgrade, from making primary raw materials to the product, equipment, plant integration design, the product to do more exquisite, the cost of almost control to the "extreme", the development of the industry to the climax, the achievement of a stable, Ogilvy, vibration and other leading enterprises. “

The fourth phase is the current stage, the original population, the market dividend, the industry development is facing the order pressure, raw materials prices, enterprise funds, human costs, environmental protection responsibility, risk control and other 6 aspects of pressure, the industry began to slowly from the traditional medical dressings with low value added to the high-value of the new type of medical dressings developed.