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Introduction Of Sports Tape
Sep 20, 2017

Speaking of sports tapes believe that many of the regular exercise or work in the professional sports club friends are very understanding, know their bandage and use, but still have a lot of friends do not understand how to use, as a professional manufacturer of sports tape, the following We let us give you a simple introduction to the use of attention to what matters.

The role of sports belts, sports tape is the name of the movement is needed to use the tape, which uses elastic cotton as a substrate, and then coated with medical pressure-sensitive adhesive made of. Is currently widely used in competitive sports to protect and reduce the movement of various parts of the body of the injury, play a protective role.

Exercise tape use precautions

1, the use of sports tape, you need to first clean the glue, dry, and then according to the required length, the number of tear tape.

2, only for trapping and exercise for protective use, avoid sticking to the wound.

3, sports tape for a one-time use of the product, not re-use; product packaging damage, moisture, mildew can not be used.

Sports tape transport and storage methods

1, sports tape in the transport should be moisture, fire, pollution prevention, should not be exposed to toxic, harmful items.

2, sports tape should be stored in a dry, clean room, and keep the room ventilation, breathable.


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