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Processing Method Of Medical Breathable Adhesive Tape
Jul 06, 2017

Medical breathable adhesive tape processing commonly used coating methods, medical breathable tape is basically a transfer coating, the first medical hot melts or medical solvent adhesive coated on the medical silicone oil paper, then after the pressure composite silicone oil paper surface adhesive transfer to medical non-woven fabric, thus processing into a medical breathable tape, the common extrusion coating mainly used for hot sol, solvent adhesive mainly with scraper coating method, also useful gravure printing coating method.

Scraper-type coating: the use of squeegee to achieve the pressure sensitive adhesive evenly applied on the surface of the substrate.

Transfer coating: The base material of the medical breathable adhesive tape (medical non-woven cloth) and the adhesive base material (medical silicon oil paper) which is coated with the pressure-sensitive adhesives are compounded, so that the surface of the silicone oil-paper is transferred to medical non-woven fabric by the pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Gravure coating: The use of a circular stick tube surface evenly or regularly arranged gravure pits, the viscosity of small liquid glue evenly transferred to the medical breathable tape on the substrate.

Extrusion coating: The pressure sensitive adhesive is extruded by the gap and applied to the surface of the medical breathable adhesive tape.