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The Correct Use Of Gauze Bandage For Medical Use
Jul 06, 2017

Before operation, the operator must use disposable gloves, in order to avoid direct contact with the patient's wound caused by bacterial infection.

Second, use should see the wound condition of the patient, if the wound is too swollen is not suitable for the use of medical gauze bandages, we should pay attention.

Third, after unpacking the package will be soaked in water for a few seconds, this is to make it to play a better effect, water temperature generally at 25 degrees appropriate.

Four, the bandage should pay attention to good tightness, not too tight, not breathable will make the wound worse, too loose words will make dust or other foreign bodies into the wound, not conducive to wound healing and recovery. The medical gauze bandage should be adjusted appropriately according to the patient's comfort degree.