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The Different Use Of Adhesive Tape
Sep 20, 2017

The protective effects of medical tape and plywood have been shown to be very convincing in soccer and basketball injuries prevention studies, but these studies are only for athletes with an ankle history. Although there is no direct study of volleyball, but reported to other sports research results in the ankle sprain within 12 months should be strongly recommended to use medical tape or plywood. Because this time the chance of injury again increased many times. Although this effectiveness of the nude joint mechanism is not certain, this increases the ontology sensibility of the athlete's ankle joint. This view has been confirmed because the protective effect of the splint is limited to the injured athletes, and their ontological sensibility has fallen. In addition, the splint does not seem to limit the range of activities of the ankle joint, so as to be able to fully explain the extent of top anti-ankle sprain. If theoretically there is a protective mechanism, we expect this to have an effect on healthy, untreated ankles.

We can see many different ankle bracelets. Ankle elastic medical tape has been shown to help limit the ankle articulation, although the ankle brace is better than the elastic medical tape because the stent does not lose its effect of limiting the varus while the elastic tape is in the vertical Will become loose. Torture joint elastic medical tape effect Although not like the rigid plywood that has been random real face confirmed, it seems that if the sense of strengthening itself by strengthening to see the principle, it seems that there is no Li Shan that the effect of tape will be worse than the splint Another example is the cost and other factors such as skin protection

And stent should also be fully taken into account. In addition, there is no evidence that the use of plywood in the ankle will increase the incidence of knee injury, and most studies have shown that semi-rigid plywood has no significant effect on the athletic performance.