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Treatment Effect Of Plaster Base Cloth
Jul 06, 2017

Correct understanding of the therapeutic effect of plaster base cloth, in daily life, almost everyone can not avoid sprain, wind, or inexplicable neck and shoulder pain, when most people will choose to stick a plaster bottom cloth, and feel a plaster cloth can solve all the pain, but in fact this is a very wrong idea, today's small part to bring everyone correct understanding of the treatment effect of plaster cloth.

First stick plaster bottom cloth symptom does not cure a root, it is only for the pain to play a relief role, the plaster base cloth is by the complex traditional process processing of Chinese herbal medicine, affixed to the skin surface of the plaster base cloth can stimulate nerve endings, then after reflection, dilate the blood vessels, improve the skin around the tissue nutrition, promote blood circulation, to achieve anti-inflammatory, swelling and analgesic effect, long-term strength vertebra, lumbar pain plaster base cloth only can play a temporary relief effect, to fundamentally solve the pain to understand the cause of the disease first, Symptomatic treatment.