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Types Of Medical Hygienic Materials
Jul 06, 2017

1)wound injury: All kinds of burns, scald, ulcer, bedsore, wound wound dressing, biological fluid dressing film, wound repair membrane, wound bone film, silicone gel, collagen sponge, scar film, Scar patch, hot and cold compress plaster, etc.

2)functional dressing: liquid dressing, chitosan, chitin, infusion membrane, obstetric broken umbilical, biological hemostatic membrane, etc.

3)Biological Materials: biodegradable materials, interventional materials, drug-carrying materials, pharmaceutical sustained-release preparations, etc.

4)Surgical Supplies: PVC Medical Gloves, surgical kits, production kits, surgical clothing (caps), surgical film/pad single/hole towel, etc.

5)Paste Material: Medical adhesive plaster, breathable tape, medical adhesive tape/paper base tape, surgical adhesive rinse fluid;

6) Protect the material: medical cotton ball [1], cotton swab, bandage, create can stick, first aid kit, absorbent cotton, skim gauze, gauze mat;

7 Medical Textiles: Medical sheets, cover, protective clothing, protective masks, isolation clothing, tablecloth, bib, aprons, etc.

8)Nonwovens for medical use: a variety of medical (spunlace, hot, spunbonded, elastic, plain, Bubba, absorbent cotton) Non-woven fabric, hydrophilic non-woven fabric, sms Non-woven fabric, melt-blown non-woven fabric, coil, sheet material and after treatment non-woven fabric products;

9) Dressing machinery: Wet paper towel packaging machine, medical use of a paste machine, infusion paste machine, slicer, Rewinder, ultrasonic mask machine, medical gauze folding machine, cotton machine, mattress machine and other processing equipment.