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What To Do With Medical Tape Allergies?
Sep 20, 2017

There are many types of medical tape, medical tape is one of the main use of medical tape in the medical treatment, such as playing needles need to use medical tape to fix the needle. General medical tape is only allergic to the situation, but when the medical tape used in the wound may be allergic conditions. So what is the medicine that is allergic to tape?

Medical tape allergy how to do? Four solutions

1, the first need to consider is the medical tape on the skin irritation caused by allergies, discomfort or what kind of situation.

2, the proposed patient to stop using tape or drugs, not to use drugs.

3, according to the specific circumstances of skin allergies, targeted use of drugs.

4, for the tape allergy to be careful treatment, cold wet compress is a common way to deal with allergies.